FishLab Pick of the Week - Mad Eel Swimbaits

FishLab Pick of the Week - Mad Eel Swimbaits

This weeks Pick of the Week is the new FishLab Mad Eel Swimbaits.  These baits are just plain awesome! Striped Bass and Bluefish beware!

The Mad Eel Swimbaits come in three sizes, 7", 7 1/2" and 8" models. They weigh a respective 2 1/4oz, 3 1/2oz and 5 1/4oz.  

FishLab Mad Eel Swimbaits

Currently there are 7 colors to choose from in each of the 3 sizes.  Each pack comes with 1 head and 2 bodies, and there are also replacement tails available.  

These baits are perfect for long casts and a straight retrieve or even deep jigging.  With a cost of roughly $10 to $15 they should be a staple in every anglers box. 

Swimming Action

Here is a great video of the swimming action of the FishLab Mad Eel baits. 

Check them out at your favorite retailer, or learn more at Mad Eel.