FishLab Spotlight- Finesse Saltwater Casting Jigs

Saltwater anglers have learned that as an advantage, you must match the “hatch”. When gamefish are targeting small bait, the Finesse Casting Jig has the actions and options to get the job done.

Featuring top gamefish patterns, these small jigs are designed to catch big fish. This bait is a great vertical or casting jig with erratic kicking on a steady retrieve or flutter on the fall. The action mimics that of an injured or dying baitfish.

“When predator fish are keyed in on small baitfish, you must present the right bait to get bit,” states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager. “If fish are on small bait, they will not eat big bait and that is where the Finesse Casting Jig comes into play.”

The FishLab Finesse Casting Jig will be available in four sizes, 1 ¾” – 1/2oz, 2”- 3/4oz, 2 ¼” - 1oz and 2 ¾” – 1 1/2oz sizes and will be available in the most popular gamefish colors such as Black/Silver, Blue/Pink, Red/Gold, Sardine, Smelt and Silver/Glow.

The Finesse Casting Jig comes pre-rigged with an ultra-sharp treble hook to keep fish pinned once they are hooked. Each package will come with two baits.