FishLab's Newest Innovation - The Hydra Glide


When it comes to fishing, you need the right equipment to make the most of your time and catch. FishLab understands this and have designed their newest bait - the Hydra Glide! This 8-inch bait is designed for larger predators, with a wide side-to-side swimming action that is sure to attract attention in all types of water. Whether fished on a slow or twitching retrieve, the Hydra Glide is an effective lure that is built to last.

The Design & Construction of the Hydra Glide

The design and construction of the Hydra Glide was carefully crafted by FishLab experts. This 8-inch bait has been constructed with heavy-duty materials and components, including heavy-duty split rings and hooks. With this construction, it can withstand aggressive strikes from larger fish without any damage or wear and tear. This makes it a great choice for anglers who are serious about catching big predators!

The Action & Effectiveness of the Hydra Glide

The action of the Hydra Glide is what sets it apart from other baits. On a straight retrieve, it produces a wide side-to-side glide action that attracts fish from all angles. On a twitching style retrieve, it produces an erratic side-to-side action that entices large predators even more! With this combined action and design, anglers can be sure that they will get results with every cast.


FishLab's new Hydra Glide is an innovative lure designed for serious anglers looking to catch big predators. Its heavy-duty construction provides durability while its wide side-to-side swimming action attracts large fish from all angles. Whether fished on a slow steady retrieve or one with pauses and rod twitches, this bait will entice even the most selective fish! If you're serious about your fishing game, then you'll want to give FishLab's new Hydra Glide swimbait a try!