Rattle Toad by FishLab

Rattle Toad by FishLab


 FishLab Tackle is becoming known for its high quality baits and lifelike swimming actions and this is no exception with the introduction of the Rattle Toad family of frogs for 2020.

The Rattle Toad frogs by Fish Lab are a highly detailed frog bait that is designed to attract hungry bass from great distances.  These well thought out baits come in a variety of colors and sizes and should be a perfect fit to you top-water arsenal.

“The Rattle Toad project was a fun lineup to design.”  states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager.  “We looked at all of the frogs on the market and filled the needs of the avid fisherman.”

The Rattle Toad lineup consists of three sizes.  2 ¼”, 2 ¾” and the giant 3 ½” toad.  The key feature of the Rattle Toad is the oversized rattle chamber that is mounted in the head of the toad and keeps the bait lying flat on the water making it easier for fish to track the bait over thick mats of grass or through heavy scum lines. 

Available in both lifelike and classic frog colors, the Rattle Toad has an easy walking action with light use of the rod.  The double frog hook on the toad sits high up on the side of the body so that it takes less body compression to expose the hook points and to get an easier hook set.  The highly detailed and textured back of the toad mimics the reel texture of a frog and the floating PVC legs keep the frog up on the surface.