Spotlight - New FishLab Bio-Minnow Vertical Jigs

The Bio-Minnow Vertical Jig is the first vertical jigging bait with a metal tail for increased durability and fine tuning. Featuring small bends to the tail, anglers can dial in a more aggressive side-to-side darting action or by slightly flattening the tail, a more up and down presentation when jigging around heavy cover.

FishLab Bio-Minnow Vertical Jig - Walleye Bait

The metal tail not only produces attractive flashes but also remains durable and crack resistant when bouncing off rock reefs as fish are holding tight to cover. “Anglers have been asking for a more durable vertical jig for a long time,” states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager. “This bait provides all of the durability anglers need, as well as nearly unlimited tuning options to get dialed in exactly how you want to present your bait either vertically or on a cast and retrieve.”

FishLab Bio-Minnow Vertical Jig Walleye Bait

The FishLab Bio-Minnow Vertical Jig will be available in five sizes, 1 1/3” – 1/8oz, 1 ¾” – 1/4oz, 2” – 1/2oz, 2 1/3” – 3/4oz and 2 ¾” – 1oz sizes and will be available in the most popular color patterns such as Black/Silver Glow, Perch, Blue/Silver Glow, Black/Gold, Black/Chrome, Chrome and Blue/Chrome. The metal tail comes standard to provide extra flash and resistance to break offs when jigging off of rock piles and can be tuned in many ways. This bait features facial and body details of an actual minnow.

Here is a comprehensive look at the baits with Product Manager, Mike Bennett.