The Toadally Awesome Way to Catch Largemouth Bass: FishLab’s Rattle Toad Baits

Rattle Toad Baits

Fishing is an ancient sport, but technology has made it easier for anglers to catch fish. That’s why FishLab created the Rattle Toad bait. This topwater frog bait is a great way to catch largemouth bass and other freshwater fish. But when is the best time to use this bait? Read on to learn more about the benefits of using FishLab’s Rattle Toad baits, and how you can use it to your advantage while fishing.

FishLab Rattle Toad Baits

Why Use the Rattle Toad Bait?

The best time to use a topwater frog bait is during summer months when bass are actively feeding on frogs, crawfish, and other small prey found near shorelines. With its realistic design and sound, the Rattle Toad bait will draw in largemouth bass from far away. The lure also features a rattle chamber that mimics the sound of a real frog, which will attract even more fish. Even better, the rattle won't damage your line like traditional steel or ceramic rattles can!

How to Fish a Frog Bait

When fishing with a topwater frog bait like the Rattle Toad, there are certain techniques you should use for maximum success. First off, make sure you cast close to weeds and lily pads where largemouth bass like to hang out. Secondly, remember not to start winding immediately after casting—instead, let it sit for at least 10-15 seconds before giving it any action. Then twitch your rod tip three times before reeling in slowly until you feel resistance from a bite. Lastly, make sure you keep your rod tip up and pointed toward your target area so that you can get a good hook set once you feel resistance from a bite!


FishLab’s Rattle Toad baits are an awesome way to catch largemouth bass during summer months when they are actively feeding near shorelines. Be sure to cast close to weeds and lily pads where these fish like to hang out. Once you feel that tug on your line make sure your rod tip is up and pointed toward the target area so that you can get a good hook set!

Have fun fishing with these awesome topwater frogs this season!